What are Keepsake Bottles?

Each and every wine and champagne bottle is a custom, hand-etched, hand painted work of art. Any piece of art can be duplicated exactly. Just as Hallmark uses paper as its canvas, our canvas is our bottles.

Who is the supplier?

Our factory has been hand etching crystal for 30 years and wine and champagne bottles for 14 years. We bring more experience, more capacity, and more quality than any other supplier. This is an extremely specialized field and experience is critical. We have tremendous capacity at our 66,000 square foot facility.

What products and services are available?

Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Champagne bottles are all available in various sizes. The standard 750 ml Cabernet accounts for 90% of our volume. Our “Special Touches and Unique Packaging” (back page of the brochure) are the perfect finishing accompaniments to a great gift presentation. There is a low 12 bottle minimum for each custom bottle order.

What about the wine/champagne?

Our Keepsake Bottles are filled with our very own especially private label “Monterey Cristal” wines and champagnes from the best wineries in Napa Valley—where great golf and great wine are a way of life. We are extremely proud of our quality wine and champagne products! Why private label? Can other bottles be used if requested? With our Monterey Cristal label (unavailable anywhere else), perceived value is magnified greatly over commonly available wines, as branded labels are associated with certain retail price points.

Are bottles typically opened?

Feedback from customers tells us our bottles are rarely—if ever—opened. They are kept and proudly displayed on the office credenza or family room shelf as work of art collectables for years to come. This is the kind of brand exposure any golf facility or corporation is looking for with their promotional spend. Thus our branding of “Keepsake Bottles.” We take tremendous pride in our wine and champagne products, but customers continually tell us it’s not about the wine: it’s about the bottle!

What are the artwork requests/requirements?

All artwork should be e-mailed to mikel@powergolfgroup.com. Preferred formats are "eps" (encapsulated post script) and "ai" (Adobe Illustrator). Any other format will incur an artwork modification charge of $35 an hour (most art requires one hour to modify). What about coloration and logo size/placement on the bottle? With the majority of orders going on the deep, dark Cabernet bottle, obviously dark elements or letters on a bottle are washed out. The objective is to make art “pop” on the bottle, so the go-to color is gold or gold with glitter. The second go-to color is Augusta green. As with all art, it’s very important to specify and be exact with instructions and requested colors. If you require specific colors, please note them! On size/placement, the “canvas” or etching area on the bottle is 3-1/2” in width and 5-1/2” in height. If a logo is long and narrow, it’s sometimes best to etch vertically on the bottle. The good news: We are working with master craftsmen who are true professional artists with many years of experience in creating the best work-of-art Keepsake Bottle possible.