Cool Range! Anchoring System
The Ultimate Solution!!

The concept of a mobile shelter for the driving range is hardly a new idea. But up until PGA Professional, Mark Christensen, conquered the one big drawback, a viable solution didn’t exist.

The problem? The only time a mobile shelter should to move is when the owner decides to put it in a new position. If the shelter isn’t anchored down it becomes a kite. The anchoring system has to be strong, reliable, low maintenance, and affordable.

The Cool Range! anchor system is just that. Through many hours of research and development, Mark has designed the ultimate solution. The anchors are driven up to 4 feet into the ground with a 90 pound hydraulic hammer. They are pulled into position to withstand a minimum of 1500 lbs of force. Heavy duty turnbuckles attach the Cool Range! to the anchors.

The anchors are recessed below the ground to eliminate trip and mowing hazards, and are conveniently housed in irrigation valve boxes, a common golf course fixture. Hence it is very easy to move the Cool Range! Unhook the anchors……push to the next position…..reattach the anchors. This process can occur in approximately 10 minutes!

Each Cool Range! comes standard with enough anchors to allow it to be moved into 6 different positions on your practice facility. Golfers who practice under Cool Range! do so in the shade and sheltered from the elements while hitting from natural turf. And they do so knowing they are safe.

As part of our commitment to you to create a first class environment at your facility, Mark (the original Cool Range! design consultant) will visit you at the point in time you receive your unit. With the help of your staff, he will foreman the assembly of your new Cool Range! unit and the installation of the anchoring system. This is included in the cost of Cool Range! We ask that only Mark’s expenses be covered.

Other practice facility shelters have come and gone…literally gone with the wind. Rest easy knowing the Cool Range! anchoring system will always keep your investment safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Cool Range!?

Cool Range! is the first viable, affordable protective shelter for all types of golf practice facilities. Cool Range! offers a real solution to the protection from heat, cold, rain, and wind, allowing players to practice in a more comfortable environment.

Why was Cool Range! created?

There has never previously been a product on the market that solves the issue of bringing players to a practice facility on marginal weather days. Cool Range! gives range operators more traffic—at an affordable price. More traffic in less-than-ideal weather means more lessons, more range ball sales, more opportunities for food, shop, cart, and round purchases. Cool Range! is a first class image enhancement amenity that also offers return on investment—a truly rare combination.

What is Cool Range! made of?

There are two key products. The first is an extremely unique fabric material called DuraWeave, a heavyweight woven polymer fabric. DuraWeave lets natural light shine through, providing an exceptionally bright interior atmosphere. The fabric does not allow harmful UV rays through, is waterproof, and has tremendous rip and tear strength. DuraWeave reduces the conduction of heat and cold, ensuring a building that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The second product is called ViperSteel. Cool Range! features ViperSteel premium galvanized steel framework which outperforms competitive products in rust resistance and corrosion three to one. The unit is intended to stay up year round, extending your hours of operation—your season—for as long as you care to be open!

Who is the manufacturer?

Cool Range! is manufactured by QuickStructures. The company is the largest manufacturer of all types of fabric buildings in North America. The company has 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing everything from tents and awnings to storage and livestock buildings for the farming industry; to indoor golf domes, along with massive indoor practice facilities for college and pro sports teams. QuickStrucures has offices located all over the world. No other company has the research, design, and manufacturing capabilities that QuickStructures has. The main manufacturing plant is 500,000 square feet, all under DuraWeave fabric!

How did QuickStructures go about developing Cool Range!?

The company has been play-testing the unit for nearly a year, incorporating suggestions and refinements from PGA professional Mark Christensen. Other shelters address the issue of heat and shade only. Due to it’s unique crescent shape, Cool Range! is the first and only affordable practice facility shelter that is a real solution to creating traffic on excessively hot, cold, windy, or rainy days. The unit is intended to remain standing year-round, allowing operators to remain open for as long as they desire.

What are the product offerings?

There are two options that make Cool Range! viable for any practice facility. The first is the
unit that can be mounted on concrete. The second is by far the most asked for unit: the mobile Cool Range! shelter on wheels. Both are all-inclusive packages, with the only additional option being side divider panels between hitting bays and the ends of the unit.

Why is the mobile Cool Range! on wheels more popular?

Of the few shelter options available, all are permanent on concrete with hitting mats. The key point of difference Cool Range! on wheels offers: Your customers/members will always be able to practice on natural turf in a shaded protected environment. Cool Range! on wheels can be moved by one person in 10-15 minutes to another area on the range to allow natural turf to regenerate.

What are the dimensions/size options?

Both the concrete mount and mobile Cool Range! are available with a minimum of two hitting bays. The concrete mount unit is available with up to 10 bays total; the mobile Cool Range! on wheels maxes out at four bays. Each bay is 12’ wide. Width is 17’ 3”, providing plenty of space for a video lesson from behind. Height is 12’ 6”, giving the tallest player clearance to swing freely.

Can Cool Range! be customized with logos?

Absolutely! Club logos can be placed on either the back panel or side panels (or both), creating tremendous brand building/image enhancement for any facility. Cool Range! can also be utilized to offer premium ad space to corporate sponsors, paying for most or all of the unit’s price.

How about safety, availability, freight, and warranty?

QuickStructures views safety as the number one priority, then functionality. The company has done extensive wind testing on Cool Range! as it does on all of its buildings. The concrete unit is permanently mounted. The unit on wheels includes 42” corkscrew stakes at each corner. Cool Range! is typically available within 4-6 weeks, with available freight estimates. Freight costs are quite reasonable. There is a standard three year prorated warranty and an optional 15 year prorated warranty available.

What is the cost? Is there financing available?

Feedback from customers tells us Cool Range! is (in most cases) less than 10% of the cost of a permanent driving range shelter. We are a proud supplier partner with VGM Club, the largest green grass buying alliance—discounts are available to VGM members. Financing is also available through VGM Financial Services!

Why do I need Cool Range!?

Cool Range! is the only mobile range shelter, at an affordable price, for any practice facility. Based on its unique crescent shape, it is also the only mobile shelter that protects players from all weather elements—heat, cold, wind, and rain. Never lose another lesson again due to weather. The longer a player stays at your facility, the more opportunities for incremental sales of food, shop, car, and round purchases.